I was born in Israel in November 1950 to my parents who fought in the “Haganah” during the Israeli Independence War.
My father was a journalist but a gifted painter and was my first teacher who taught me to see that the color of the mountains, in the light of the early mornings is blue.

I find my study from my father, on our many trips to Sha’ar Hagai on Saturdays mornings, (with watercolor, a hat and water bottles), one of the cornerstones of my artistic development based on the concept of “seeing through the colors.”

I believe in changes, in flow, in winning convention, and in adhering to a lifestyle that suits you. Because than, you have the ability to express yourself and not to be stuck in a comfort zone.
It’s all about staying in motion.

Although I am a graduate of Avni (1982), I consider Renoir as my most important teacher. I studied his paintings, I studied his palette, and tried to learn the magic of his wonderful art works.


I live in the Galilee since 1989, because of my love to the nature and a desire for a good quality of life. I live in Granot Hagalil, a small settlement which located between two large nature reserves at the Lebanon border.

I love etching, I used to make it at the engraving workshop in Kibutz Kabri when as it was established. I also underwent various courses such as silk printing and so on.

Engraving is very evident in my work. In many cases I work on wooden boards, which enables me to engrave in the paint.

I have held an open studio all these years, hosting and living there. I conduct workshops in which I relate to painting as a language. Therefore I call it “communication workshop”
It is very important to me to connect with the audience. Therefore I give them the opportunity to visit my studio and to see the process of making art.

I am the widow of Amiram Kalachman, who was an air force pilot. Amiram was killed on July 10, 1981, and his burial place is unknown. Since then I am signing the paintings by my family name only and see this as a memorial for his memory.