1950 Born in Israel.

1974 Studied copper engraving, Be’er Sheva.

1976 Joined Avni academy in Tel Aviv.

1982 Solo exhibition, Yad Lebanim Museum, Petach Tikva.

1982 Solo exhibition, Hasimta Gallery, Jaffa.

1985 Solo exhibition, 13 1/2 Gallery, Jaffa.

1985-7 Studied etching and silk printing in the Artist Association’s workshop, in Tel Aviv

1987 Group exhibition, held by national association of artists, Tel Aviv

1987 Group exhibition – printing workshop of the association in Tel Aviv.

1987 Group exhibition, of “Rosh Pina” group, Tel Aviv.

1987 Participated in international exhibition, Toronto, Canada.

1988 Group exhibition, Richter Gallery, Jaffa.

1988 Group exhibition, Ein Hod.

1989 Group exhibition, Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv.

1989 Group exhibition, Ein Hod.

1989 Solo exhibition, Reut Gallery, Tel Aviv.

1991 Solo exhibition, “The White Gallery” Tel Aviv

1991 Art Expo. New York.

1992 Solo exhibition, Hakem Gallery, Jerusalem.

1993 Art Expo. New York.

1993 Solo exhibition, Tafnit Gallery, K. Bialik.

1994 Art Expo. New York.

1995 International print triennial, Yokohama, Japan.

1998 Solo exhibition, Fondazione Vittorio Mazzucconi, Milano Italy

1999 Group exhibition Fondazione Vittorio Mazzucconi, Milano Italy

1999 Group exhibition Agora Gallery Soho New York

2000 “I HAVE A DREAM” – project, curator: Kineret Avivi, Iseael

2000 Solo exhibition, Angel Gallery , Petach – Tikva

2000 International print exhibition, Florean Museum Romania

2001 International print exhibition, Florean Museum Romania

2002 Solo exhibition, Beit Gavriel Zemach

2003 Solo exhibition (Akko) Aba Hushi Ins. Haifa

2003 Solo exhibition (Akko) Ra’annana, Music &Arts Ins.

2004 Solo exhibition (Akko) Ne’eman Towers Tel Aviv

2005 Group Exhibition, Arts Ins. Holon

2005 Group exhibition The Shayne Gallery, Montreal Canada

2006 Public Auction (Horses) Petach Tikva

2006 Auction Sotheby’s &ALS

2007 Art Expo. Las Vegas

2007 Solo exhibition Alternativ Gallery Jaffa

2007 Solo exhibition “Kaniree'” Gallery Zichron Ya’akov

2008 Art Expo New York

2009 Group exhibition “Mahabil” Horas Richter Gallery Old Jaffaa

2009 Art Expo. New York

2009 Solo exhibition Art Gallery Kibutz Eilon

2010 Group Exhibition “Vanilla Sex” Jaffa Museum

2012 Group Exhibition ” Museonal Windows” Tel Aviv

2014 Group Exhibition Hecht House Haifa

2014 Group Exhibition Amiad Center Flee Market Old Jaffaa

2015 “From the depths” group exhibition, Okashi Museum Old Akko

2016 Solo exhibition Okashi Museum Old Akko

2018 to this day – “Museum in the living room” underground exhibition


Fondazione Vittorio Mazzuconni. – Milano Italy

Museum “Yad labanim” – Petach – Tikva

Museum Florean Romania

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