An etching is a type of print, in which the image is recorded with a stylus (a special tool such as a nail attached to a wooden rod) on a metal plate such as copper or iron.

The metal plate is applied in a solid color (oil base), well-wiped so that the paint remains only in the grooves, and is printed on damp paper under pressure with an etching press.

So far I have told you the essence of the technique. But you should know that in this process are many substances such as acids, tar, resin and more. All this are combined to allow coloration on the board. I mean: different depths of the engravings as well as surfaces.

In my studio there is an engraving press, but many of the engravings that appear here were printed at the engraving workshop at Kibbutz Kabri.

Etching is considered to be a noble in prints, since the length of its life is limited. Each time of the press slightly closes the slots, so we can print relatively small editions only.

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